Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cult of "True Blood"

So help me, I love this TV series. It's not insanely witty or layered like Arrested Development; it's not formulaic-but-still-hilarious like Two and a Half Men; it's not quirky yet endearing like Big Bang Theory. It's graphic, it's violent, it's sexy, it's funny, it's touching, and friggin' addicting. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger. Main characters DIE! Lovable characters DIE! Good guys get hurt and bad guys almost always gain an upper hand.

Personally, I "blame" my girlfriend for this new addiction. She began reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels a little while ago and, by the first time I'd even heard of the TV show, it was already into its 2nd season. Yes, at first, I was a skeptic. "Another vampire series? Ugh, spare me." But once you're emotionally invested in the TV show's characters, you're hooked like you're on 'V.' True Blood seems to have this undertone that X-Men 3 tried to accomplish: highlighting the prejudice against, segregation of, and hatred towards vampires as a metaphor. A metaphor for racial tolerance or homosexuality or whatever--take your pick. Yet the show's writers don't hit you over the head with it. There are plenty of side plots and sub plots and plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I'm glad I haven't read the books because then I would be tempted into the pitfall of analyzing the show based on "whether ____ was in the book or not." My only real complaint is that I think Anna Paquin needs some serious orthodontia attention. You're 27 and a well-known actress: get rid of the front-tooth gap! My favorite character is Lafayette; I hope that actor gets a lot more offers after this show--he's fun.

FUN FACT: Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse, is actually Australian. Check out his fun accent here:

FUN FACT: Michael McMillian (the Reverend Steve Newlin) had a cameo in another beloved TV series of mine: Firefly. The episode "Shindig" where Mal has to duel Atherton Wing in a sword fight while Inara watches...remember when Inara was trying to select a client before the ship lands? McMillian was the uneloquent suitor who said "the honor you would do me would honor!"

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