Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebook Page Cheat: Find Out What Your Fans Like

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So, you're a Facebook Page Admin and you've dabbled with Insights but you want to know more about your Page's Fans. What music do they listen to? Where do they eat? Where do they shop? What TV shows do they watch? If you're lucky, you could get some answers via a Poll or go fishing for Post Comments. Or you can use this trick and be done in 5-10 minutes.

I discovered this Facebook Fan Page "cheat" about a month ago. To get started, you'll need to follow a few steps first:
  • Log into the Facebook account that controls your Page.
  • Click on 'Account' in the top right and select the "Use Facebook as Page" option.
  • In the pop-up window, find your Page and click on the blue "Switch" button. You're now logged into Facebook as your Page.
  • Go back to the Facebook homepage.
  • You should now see a section show up in the right column called "Recommended Pages." These are Pages that your Fans like!

In my experience, approximately 10% of your Fans have to like a single Page in order for it to show up in this section. Just keep refreshing your browser to see different Recommended Pages. You may want to record your findings in Excel so you can sort/filter the data and delete any duplicates. You can even rank these Pages according to how popular they are with your Fans.

This is an easy and very quick way to see the passions/interests your Fans have in common. Now you can serve up hyper-targeted Facebook Ads to your target audiences, better position offline/traditional advertising, or supplement your consumer insights data.

If you have social media questions for yourself or your small/medium business, ask me!