Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joss Whedon Admits Firefly Is His Favorite Creation

Well, maybe he didn't say those exact words. But, in a recent LA Times interview, Whedon shared his affinity for his "space cowboy" group.

"But one trademark characteristic Whedon embraces in his work is his ability to unite groups of raggedy misfits against imminent evil. Led by anti-hero Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), 'Firefly’s' crew of lost space-wanderers exposed the misdoings of an interplanetary government that stepped out of line. A teenage girl and her 'Scooby gang' of freaks and geeks saved Sunnydale and Earth from demons and demented gods in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' And now, in 'The Avengers,' disparate superheroes worked through their egos and hangups, pulling together as a team to defend the planet against alien invaders. So which misfit crew is Whedon's favorite?

'You know, I love all my raggedy children,' he said. 'But if I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity'."

While it's a nice shout-out that Firefly fans are sure to enjoy, the choice to hang out with those characters in that universe seems to be an easy one upon further compare/contrast.

Let's look at the three groups of baddies and the geographic confines in each universe:
  • Buffy: Fighting against witches, demons, vampires and monsters who want to kill all humans and enslave mankind. Two or three of your group are equipped to fight them and/or protect you, but the rest are kind of helpless. You have to remain in your city to fight because that's where the "hellmouth" is.
  • Avengers: Fighting against bloodthirsty aliens and their (demi)god leader who wants to enslave mankind. The majority of your group can fight against them and/or protect you. You have to remain in a specific part of the city to fight because that's where the intergalactic portal is.
  • Firefly: Not really fighting anyone, mostly avoiding a government presence that rarely strays from the center of the galaxy and Reavers who stick to a known portion of the galaxy as well. Will get stalked by the occasional bounty hunter and government agent. The majority of your group can fight against other humans & Reavers fairly well and/or protect you. You are free to travel wherever you would like.

Now, the female factor:
  • Buffy: (1) Buffy - Cute, sassy girl with superhuman strength and her ex is a vampire. Intimacy might be an issue if she lost control of her strength for a moment. Also, if her ex gets jealous, you'd better not leave your home at night. (2) Dawn - A cute, yet underage girl with a lot of angst and an annoying voice. (3) Willow - A lesbian who is also a powerful witch who, at one point, delves really deep into dark magic and goes psycho. (4) Cordelia - Super-hot but very spoiled and standoffish. The mind games would be unbearable. (5) Anya - A former demon who still isn't very familiar with human customs, loves money, and lacks any sort of tact.
  • Avengers: (1) Black Widow - Smoking hot, full-figured woman with amazing stamina, muscle control, and flexibility. But, let's face it, she has better options than you. (2) Agent Hill - Good-looking but seems a bit frigid and invested in her job. Might not be able to get her to relax at all.
  • Firefly: (1) Zoe - Ebony "warrior woman" with curves in all the right places who probably likes being the dominant one in the relationship. Depending on what time period we're talking about, she may or may not be married. (2) Kaylee - An adorable mechanical genius with a well-hidden sex drive until you get her around engines... (3) River - A lithe young woman with a background in dance who can read your mind. Crazy can be good sometimes, but the unpredictability factor probably rules her out. (4) Inara - A gorgeous, clean, cultured, professional escort. No further explanation needed.

If we were to factor in potential camaraderie with male characters, Avengers probably takes the edge, though there is no guarantee of everyone getting along.

It's a safe assumption that every human on Earth loves Firefly. And now we know that Joss Whedon still recalls Firefly/Serenity with a fondness. So, to quote a friend, Joss Whedon "should take the Avengers 2 budget and make Firefly Season 2 instead." Agreed?

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